Barbed wire machine
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Barbed wire machine

Barbed Wire Machine is designed to produce screens with double . Stranded barbed steel wire, thermo-plated with zinc. The machine is of horizontal design, consisting of two parts, assembled together at the middle. It is safe and reliable in operation, capable of turning out high quality products with consistency
一  Uses and Characteristic
    The machine is mainly suitable for producing all kinds of stocks thorn steel wire, the materials of products should accord with GB/T343-94 standard requirement< the common usage of hot-dipped galvanized low carbon steel wire >. The products are widely used in national defense, railway, highway, agriculture forming etc profession.
     CS-A type barbed steel wire is connected by circle wire and received wire and has four silk plates. All parts work coordinately, move steady, operate rumble and reliable. It is the only equipment of producing barbed steel wire at present.
1.the power is 3kw
2.Machine type : JL-CSJ
3.wire for barbs:1.8-2.2mm 
4.main wire:2.2-2.8mm 
6.the outside size(main machine)1900mm*1300mm*980mm
7.the outside size(accept rope part)1800mm*750mm*750mm

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